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Carolyn Bruce Designs

Carolyn Bruce

Award winning Mixed Media Jewellery Designer, Carolyn Bruce, is an innovative force in the world of fashion. Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, she currently calls Vancouver, Canada home. Her eclectic designs range from fun and flirty to intensely bold to exquisitely beautiful with everything in between. Highly detailed, richly layered, imaginative, and quixotically timeless, her pieces are instantly recognizable. They are special statement pieces from a gracious and humble consummate professional.

Carolyn's work is very much in demand. It is regularly featured in runway shows, music videos, magazines, newspapers, on television, and in private and group exhibitions. She is a regular at Art World Expo, Time Travellers' Bazaar, at charity events, and on the red carpet. She has had a dizzying amount of art and design education and experience.

Her themes run the alternative gamut; Steampunk, Goth, Fae, Mythic, Tribal, Sci-Fi, and so on. Whether you're a glitzy diva, a hip edgelord, or a bohemian nature lover, she will have a piece, if not many, that appeal.

Though well known for her large signature works; necklaces, chest pieces, headpieces, and such, her versatility also begets smaller, more delicate items which are equally engaging. Tea balls that are too pretty and decorative to live in the cupboard, bookmarks that delight every time the book they hide in is opened, ornaments that could never be packed away with the Christmas things. Anything she lends her talent to demands to be displayed when not physically in use and abhors a drawer. Her handiwork becomes a prized possession of her clients and collectors.

Wearing a Carolyn Bruce design is an evocative experience sometimes akin to wearing armour or draping a living animal around your shoulders. Models comment on the experience. Pieces feel alive as if animated, lush, vital, and compelling. They make the wearer a centrepiece and cause attachment to her powerful creations. They are often difficult to return to the mannequin at the end of a show.

Despite her hectic schedule, Carolyn invites commissions. Invoking her deep intuition and marrying what the client wants with her solid design principles culminates in an extraordinary piece full of wow factor. You put it on and feel heightened and confident. She can take aspects of who you are as a person and turn those elements into a protective personal talisman, a representation of whom you want to be seen as, or an outward conversation with the world around you, all of which can give you greater focus and can encourage manifestation in your life. Some pieces are just desired for aesthetic sake, of course. The wearer should prepare to be noticed and have their jewellery commented on.

If you are lucky enough to be invited, stepping into her studio is an incredible experience and one can never spend enough time there. Like entering a wizard's inner sanctum, shelves upon shelves of fascinating elements overwhelm the senses; beads, tassels, metal shapes, chains, feathers, gemstones, spikes, flowers, the list is truly endless. It is delightful to imagine her whiling away the hours in that amazing space, creating beautiful things.

With a nod to the environment, many of the elements that find their way into Carolyn's work are carefully recycled from second-hand ones. It's hard not to imagine Carolyn as a crow, clad as she always is in black, exploring shops, and coveting treasures to take home for her creations. She is a passionate animal advocate, and buyers can rest assured her items are ethical.

Carolyn Bruce is a whirlwind of productivity always pushing the boundaries of her craft, exploring new themes and possibilities. She has a tireless ability to keep pace with ever changing trends whilst remaining true to her own unique signature style.

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