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Donald’s Eye Jewellery

Donald McKillican

I was born in a log cabin that I built with my own hands. In previous careers, I have been a nuclear physicist, a double agent and an international opera star. And now I make jewellery from the kinds of rings that were once used (and are still in some circles) to make chain mail.

Honestly, what is one supposed to write here??

Okay, I am fascinated by form. I am fascinated by colour. I love simplicity and strength and grace and elegance and harmony, and I hope you find all of those in my designs. Occasionally, you may even find something amusing :-). The rings I use are made from plated silver (I'll be happy to do pieces in sterling silver if anyone wants to pay for them -- feel free to ask for a quote!), copper, stainless steel and bright aluminum, but more and more of my recent work is made from anodized aluminum, because I love its colours and being able to weave them into my designs! See the FAQ for a discussion of the different types of materials and their characteristics.

And out of these rings, I create jewellery: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, hat bands, body chains and more. Please feel free to have a look around -- I hope you find something you like!

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