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Waking Spirals Tarot

Gary Johannes-Rosenberg

Gary is a reader and artist who lives in New Westminster, BC. A Connecticut Yankee transplanted to the appropriately termed "Royal City", he has been working with the tarot for forty years.

Gary has studied and been fascinated by different belief systems, cultures, and symbology since he took his first tarot class at 17 and was drawn to how the archetypes work in our lives. He has been doing intuitive and empathic professional readings and energy work since 1992 and has read in Europe, Canada, and the US. He has personally created two tarot decks and is working on others. He has also designed Oracle decks for the Elder Futhark Norse Runes and the Celtic Ogham Staves. He lives in New Westminster with his partner, their son, and an ever growing number of pets and books.

Gary uses a variety of decks in his readings and will work with Runes or the Lenormand as well. He has taught several students over the years and continues to study and work with the cards, their meanings, symbols, and histories as a lifelong pursuit.

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