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Relic Lighting

Ira Grunwell

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Relic Lighting is the product of a creative desire to take something old and forgotten and breathe new life into it. Ira Grunwell, the creator of Relic Lighting, was Inspired by upcycled creations of local artisans. He sought to combine his knowledge as an Electrician with his desire to create unique lighting that would last. He started by wiring antique barn lanterns and transforming them into beautiful table lamps to be enjoyed indoors. Over time, he began creating more elaborate lamps and incorporating a wider range of parts - old and new. What started as a small hobby, has quickly grown. Relic Lighting has now produced and sold over 200 lamps. You can find Relic Lighting at select retailers in the Lower Mainland and at a variety of local artisan markets.

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