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Nancie Green

Nancie Green

In kindergarten when my turn came to tell the teacher "what do you want to be when you grow up" I boldly announced that I was going to be "a fairy, with pink and purple wings"! While this destiny was impossible to achieve, creating art that emulated my dreams was to be a close second!

By the time I was in grade two I had become an avid science fiction and fantasy reader ... thus reaffirming my initial life ambition and refueling my imagination!

Hand in hand with my interest in fantasy and science fiction my mother taught me that creativity was a marvelous remedy for childhood woes and boredom; art became an important part of my life for both recreation and emotional stability but something was missing.

I was drawn to the sciences, technology and math; the world that existed outside the classic artistic mediums. (I realize now that I was somewhat of a geek.) There was no medium that truly appealed to me and I tried most of them. Eventually photography and writing became my go-to arts being a blend of the technical and artistic.

In the early 1990's a friend introduced me to computers and computer graphics. That is when it finally coalesced. I had access to computers and a new medium to play with! In 1996 I bought my first computer; within days I knew I was hooked! Here, at last, was a tool that enabled me to take my photography far beyond what I could accomplish in a darkroom. By blending my dreams with photos I could finally satisfy both the geek and the artist.

While I am still not a fairy (with pink and purple wings), amateur photography, computers and Photoshop have given me a world of pixels and light where I realize not only that youthful dream but go far beyond! Now both the artist and the technician have the means to fly!

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