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Peter Cimpoe

Peter Cimpoe

Cimpoe Gallery is a collaborative enterprise between brother/sister team, Peter and Ileanna Cimpoe.

Ileanna and Peter started Cimpoe Gallery in the summer of 2016.

Peter attended York University and the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. He is primarily trained in classical realism but over the years he has rediscovered his love of pop art, glitter and pure, unapologetic hedonism. His preferred medium are acrylic paints.

Ileanna also attended York University in Toronto. She studied literature and professional writing. In addition to her experience as a designer, copy writer and painter, she puts on the latex gloves and gets down with the Cimpoe Gallery books. Administration isn’t glamorous but someone has to do it. She writes horror in her spare time.

Cimpoe Gallery has recently relocated from British Columbia to Hamilton, Ontario. The temporary studio is available for viewing by appointment. Please reach out via email.

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