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Alkymiya Gallery

Rachelle Adamchuk

May the magic of transformation and creation move you. That's Rachelle's slogan for everything that she does. Rachelle Adamchuk is a Mixed Media artist, who creates beautiful and very elaborately designed paintings. Each painting is meticulously hand painted and then detailed with an assortment of genuine crystals, genuine gem-stones, sterling silver, vintage pieces, fabrics, lace, paper, silk, metal, buttons, crochet flowers, wood, glass, found objects, metal leaf, vintage jewelry and trinkets, genuine vintage/antique watch movements, gears, etc - acrylic inks and gels, and much more. Rachelle loves to reclaim - restyle and revamp home furnishings, an artisan of upcycled and repurposed vintage finds, turned into beautiful wearable jewelry works of art. Rachelle loves the Neo-Victorian, Edwardian, Hellenic, Steampunk magic of transformation and creation. A designer of wearable art apparel - featuring her very own mixed media artworks, and a published author with a fantastically wild imagination. Follow Rachelle and Alkymiya Gallery today and find out what she's tinkering on that's new and exciting to share with you!

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