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Tien Neo Eamas

Tien Neo Eamas

Tien Neo Eamas is a modern day Wizard, Alchemist, Goldsmith and Gender Guide. Singapore born, of Indonesian and Chinese Heritage, Tien now resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As the first Asian Transman to publicly transition in Vancouver 2002 when LGBTQ awareness was rare, Tien experienced much hatred, humiliation and loss of finances. This led to a suicide attempt in 2009. When he awoke the following morning, he had a sudden awareness that he got to CHOOSE TO LIVE or not.

He Chose to LIVE and to only do so for Beauty, Magick and Joy.

This Phoenix Rising moment had him hone his ability to be the source creator of his life. No longer interested in suffering in his view of his ‘oppressed racialized trans life’, his spirituality and connection to source transformed. He entered a whole new level of awareness, and his business as a goldsmith (since 1996) grew, with bold infusions of magick and declarations of his alchemical embuement in his goldsmithing.

He began concocting spells and creating guidance cards to support people with their intentions and to bring back the forgotten and often unbelieved world of magick.

His jewellery is exquisitely crafted, beautiful, magickal, and embued with love, joy and power. The collections on this site are his ready to wear pieces. He specializes in custom work includes Heirloom Resetting – transforming older pieces into something new that will now LOVE; Magickal Amulets – Sacred One of a Kind powerful amulets to charge you; King's Collection - Masculine designs for all genders; Love Bands – for that special person/persons you choose in your life.

His jewellery studio is located at the Beaumont Studios, 316 W. 5th, Vancouver, BC.

Please contact Tien for a personal appointment at his studio, an online zoom consultation or for a Wizard Reading!

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