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Old World Artists & Events

TobyAnne Stanley

TobyAnne Stanley, is the owner and proprietor of Old World Artists & Events. Among her accomplishments you will find a Victorian portrait photographer, hairdresser, café manager, fine dining host/server/manager, innkeeper, framer/store manager, gallery manager, event planner, market manager, and the general manager of a Social Club. Currently, she is also a Managing Partner of The Wylde Wood Collective. Looking back, as if according to a grand plan, each and every one of these positions has prepared her for this one. Coming from a very long line of professional artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople, and actors has honed her chops. Loving history and the fantastic brings it home. This is what she was meant to do.

Author of "FAYE - The Art Of Melissa Mary Duncan", an Aurora nominated coffee table book, TobyAnne has a brood of three with her loving cohort, William T. Stanley. When not working, they can often be found fleshing out unusual projects, having fun with their wee folk, or beautifying the otherworld that is their home. The pair are currently planning a medieval  ecovillage.

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